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How Much Can I Get on a Car Title Loan?

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How Much Can I Get on a Car Title Loan?

October 6, 2018

The value of a car title loan depends on several factors. Note that these factors are not necessarily the same for lenders all over the country. However, the value of a car title loan does share a major component wherever you go and that is the car that is being used to get a title loan. Remember, a car title loan is a secure loan based on the equity value of the vehicle, as well as the ability to repay the loan. So, based on this information, let’s look at what factors into how much the value of a car title loan can be:

  • Vehicle condition
  • Additions to the car
  • Vehicle’s estimated value

Although this may not be all the factors to expect, here are the things that may factor in based on the person attempting to get a car title loan:

  • Employment type: A proof of income is usually one of the requirements to receive a car title loan. The income and how one is getting it could factor in on how much one will get from the car title loan (as well as the payment plan given).
  • Laws of the state that the borrower resides in: There are many states where policies and regulations are much stricter on a car title loan. The value of the loan may be lower because a state may not allow a borrower to receive a certain max amount from a car title loan.

Looking at some of the factors of what makes the overall value of a car title loan, what should borrowers look for in a car title loan lender that could give them the better possible deal on their car?

What to Look: Car Title Loans

Every lender is different. But don’t worry! With Max Cash Title Loans, we want to help people understand what to look for in a lender.

Does one need a clear title?

A qualifying car title for a car title loan means that the car title being used is completely clear of any other liens. If the car is not completely paid off, that isn’t always a problem. The title loan lender could distribute extra funds to pay off the vehicle, so that car can be used for the title loan.

Vehicle value

In short, the vehicle’s value will usually be one of the more significant factors for a car title loan. Most lenders use the Kelley Blue Book to determine this, but it’d be good to be sure which database they use to calculate the car’s value.

Percentage of the value that is offered by the lender

Lenders usually don’t give a car’s full value in a car title loan, but a percentage. Finding out what that percentage is could help with comparing lenders on that point.

Here are some other tips and things to keep in mind when looking for the right lenders:

  • Use Max Cash Title Loans as a Resource – Max Cash Title Loans is the #1 nationwide title loans referral service, and we want to help you find a great deal on a car title loan. We can talk you through the process and tell you everything you need to know about getting a successful car title loan5.
  • Research on vehicle market value- Although taxing and mind-numbing, a bit of number-crunching on a value could give one an idea of how much their car title will fetch. But giving us a call at Max Cash Title Loans will make this a thing of the past2!
  • Always ask- Don’t be afraid to come forward and ask questions. In fact, that’s what Max Cash Title Loans is for2!

All these factors and variables really can make a person’s head spin! But that’s why we at Max Cash Title Loans are happy to let people know that we know everything about car title loans because of our years of experience with the car title loan market.

Why Max Cash Wants to Help you Get a Car Title Loan!

Here at Max Cash Title Loans, consider us the friend that one could always have by their side when it comes to understanding how car title loan lenders work.

But wait, there’s more! Here’s the guiding hand and positive enforcement one could expect when working with Max Cash Title Loans1:

  • Dedicated customer service: We have representatives who will treat every customer like family and who will do their best with years of experience to answer any title loan-related question that comes to mind!
  • Online accessibility: With our online inquiry form, we hope that each of our customers can find it easy and simple to understand, as well as provide information that could help us guide them to some car title loan lenders5.
  • Free help: Did we mention that any customer service help one gets from over the phone is free of charge? That’s right! Ask as many questions as possible, and we don’t charge a dime for the information that we provide!

We do our best to be that neighbor and friend that everyone wants when it comes to getting a car title loan. When ready, check out our online inquiry form and see what we can do to guide a  title loan on your path today5!

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