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title loan apply, apply car title loan, call auto title loan,Yes, at Max Cash Title Loans, we service Minot and the surrounding areas. For those unfamiliar with our services, at Max Cash Title Loans we are a title loan referral service, who has made it our mission to provide the best service to those who reach out to us. If you need a car title loan in North Dakota to start with our friendly team.

If you want to get the ball rolling right away, simply head to our website and submit an application for an online title loan, or you can give us a call (855 561 5626) to apply with a loan representative (you can also text that phone number). 

Below you’ll find more information on Max Cash Title Loans, along with some details when it comes to title loan lending. 


How is My Vehicle Used with Auto Title Loans in Minot?

As the name of these secured loans suggests a title loan is a type of secured loan, which uses the borrower’s vehicle as collateral. 

And so, if you do decide to take out one of these loans, be aware that you’ll have to give up ownership of your car while repaying it. Despite this, in most cases, you can continue driving it, as you repay. 

Once the loan is paid back in full, the lender will remove themselves from the vehicle title and the car will be legally yours again. 

Because of this large role that your car plays with title loans, its value will play a role in eligibility and loan amount. 

And so, factors like no credit or bad credit are not a huge deal, which is a stark difference when compared to most personal loans or unsecured loans. In fact, with title loans, a credit check is not conducted when applying for pre approval. 


What Are the Requirements for Car Title Loans in Minot?

You don’t need a lot to be eligible for a title loan, and you can apply regardless of your credit history one reason that they are often sought out. 

Here are the basic requirements a lender will ask about and need to verify:

  1. You should own your vehicle (having an existing loan on it may be okay).
  2. That you have a steady income (many types of income can be excepted).
  3. You should be able to prove your ability to repay your loan every month and for the entire loan term.

To verify these factors, along with details on you the applicant most title loan lenders will ask for the following documents: 

  1. A Government Issued Photo ID 
  2. Proof of Income 
  3. Pictures of the Vehicle 
  4. Proof of Residence 
  5. Three References 
  6. The Title of the Vehicle 
  7. Car Insurance 

In some cases, a loan company/lender may ask for additional documents if they need to clarify information. 


Why Work with Max Cash Title Loans? 

Because Max Cash Title Loans operates as a title loan referral service, there are tons of benefits that could come with our service, and the various loan companies we work with. 

Here are a few reasons to begin with us when you need fast cash from an online loan:

Affordable Interest Rates 4

When choosing title loan lenders to work with, we try to find the ones with the most affordable interest rates! 4 

Flexibility with Loan Lengths 4

When going to a lender yourself you may find that they have set loan terms. But what if you are unsure about a short term loan or a long term loan? Well at Max Cash Title Loans, the lenders we work with offer tons of flexibility with loan length. 4

Repayment with them can range from a few months up to a few years, so you can choose the repayment schedule which works best for your budget and finances. 4 

Fast Processing for Emergency Cash

Our team knows how important time is when you need emergency cash, and our quick process reflects those concerns. 

The title loan process with us usually takes less than an hour. And once approved with a lender, you could have the funds in as little as one business day! 1 2

Low Monthly Payments 4 

The monthly payments for your title loans are meant to be a good fit for your budget and are affordable every month. 4 With some lenders we work with, on time payments can mean lower minimums due each month. 4 

No Hidden Fees 3

There are never any hidden fees while repaying your title loan, and you can pay it off early without any penalties. 3

Helpful Service Throughout the Process

You can expect a helping hand throughout the title loan process if you do decide to go through the inquiry process with us. 

Have any questions about car title loans? Because of our years of experience in the industry, we know all the ins and outs and are happy to give you an opinion without bias. You can check out our FAQ page, or our title loan page to get a better understanding of these types of loans. Or reach out to a title loan agent 7 days a week! 


Get Started with an Auto Title Loan in Minot, North Dakota Today! 

a car title loan is a great way to get some extra cash, title loan cash, car title loan cash, fast cashApplying for pre approval with Max Cash Title Loans is absolutely free, and there is no obligation to move forward even if you are pre approved. So, what are you waiting for? 

Head to our website and apply for an online title loan or give a loan agent a call to apply over the phone. Minot car title loans are the perfect option when you need instant cash so start today! 

Disclaimer: Max Cash Title Loans services this area but this map does not represent an actual location