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Nevada Entries

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Nevada Entries

May 11, 2017

Hoover DamI don’t now which state you are going to post this in…Arizona or Nevada because the Hoover Dam is actually half in Arizona and half in Nevada! This totally free trip is something you will never forget because not only do they have the Dam but also you get to see the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

I was told that at one time, before the bridge you would have to drive over Hoover Dam to get to Nevada or Arizona off the highway. Since 911 they blocked it off and built the bridge and then they closed the access so although you can cross it in a car, it ends up in a cul-de-sac and you just have to turn around. Parking is on the Arizona side for Free BUT they do have a paid garage.

You maybe tempted to go during the day but it can get hot. We went mid-morning and in a couple hours it was already 105 out so go early. You are making a major misstake by not stopping here because it’s thrilling to look over the edge of the bridge. It’s also kind of cool to put on leg in Arizona and another in Nevada and be in two time zones at one time. Well that is when there is a time difference. Too scary for little kids but teens and adults will think this kicks butt.


Las Vegas


Winner Max Cash Title LoansWhat Happens In Las Vegas, is Awesome!

There’s many, many fun and easy things to do in Las Vegas, like walk around the murals and take funny photos!



Reno Murals

Winner Max Cash Title LoansEnjoy the free wall murals of Reno!

There are hundreds of incredible wall murals on various buildings all around Reno and it is so fabulous to walk around a corner and be face to face with some artist great inspiration. The best things in life really are free!!



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