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The next contest is being built - stay tuned

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The next contest is being built – stay tuned

We have come up with the next contest – and it’s a DOUBLE ENTRY TYPE contest with MULTIPLE WINNERS!

We use a contest site software that without any input from our company, by a click of the button, selects a winner. The way it will work is we are going to post a Facebook post on the contest. We will let you know the URL to the post when we have it done via another post here. [HINT: subscribe to our contest newsletter and get the update in your email along with what the current stats are looking like on the contest so you know your chance of winning as the contest is ongoing].

You need to do two things:

  1. Comment on the post explaining your entry
  2. Upload your photo… and there is TWO types of images we are looking for…a) A picture of any landmark in your town – or – b) A picture of anything that relates to money like a piggy bank, a wallet, money on a table, who knows… as long as it relates to money. So either picture will work and you can submit multiple entries (we are going to limit the amount but we don’t know how many at this time).

First prize is $500

Second Prize is $250

Third Prize is $100

Forth Prize is $50

Fifth Prize is $50

Sixth prize is $50

So don’t forget to subscribe for to get the announcement. Only contest emails will be sent to you and once a week.


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