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Congratulations to Rachel Clayton who is awarded $1500 for her amazing article

If you would like to read her amazing and informative submission, click here to read about how millennials can benefit for car title loans

Max Cash Title Loans School money

Max Cash Title Loans Affordable School Aid Program

At Max Cash Title Loans and it’s parent company Tradition Media Group (TMG Loan Processing) we value education and fiscal responsibility. We realize that many students and parents get car title loans to cover tuition. We understand that school can be extremely expense with housing, books and school supplies and attending college or graduate school can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Our passion and part of our mission statement is to contribute to the communities that support us and we can think of no better way then helping ease some burden of sending a desiring person to school to better themselves and become productive members of the societies they live in. They can change the world and if we have just a small role in this, it gives us great joy.


Thomas Browning who is attending ASU – W.P. Carey School of Business Tempe Campus won!

Our 1st scholarship winner! Awarded on August 15th, 2017



Each scholarship is $1500. Awarded to only one person each time in one lump sum.

In the event where the judges determine that there was two top winners and each equally deserved to win, then both will win the top prize of $1500 each.

The winner of each scholarship will have a check issued in their name AND the name of the school they are attending. This is not a contest where just the person wins. This is a scholarship where the person gets credit to their school tuition.


In order to apply, applicants must submit a 750 word essay on the following topic:

Your challenge is talk about the positives of car title loans and how to make side income from your normal income to help pay them off. Tips and suggestions on how to make payments on a title loan affordable using either your current income or ideas for side income.

We strongly suggest you read the How it Works page on this site.

Please read the tab on what would disqualify you to gain additional insight into errors people have made in the past.

Essay entries should be emailed to Enter the contest here in Microsoft Word format with no links to a google doc or PDF’s.

Applicants should provide all contact information including name, address, email address and phone number

Applicants should state where they are currently attending or planning on attending school in the body of their email. Proof will be required and please remember that the check will be made out to the school or university and your name. You will not be able to cash the check. You will need to deposit it to your school and they will counter sign the check and deposit it into your tuition account.

If the above link is not working you can submit your submission to via email

The essays will be judged by a three person panel at our firm, The President, The Executive Vice President and the Arizona Vice President.

The criteria will be judged on grammar and style, uniqueness of concept, understanding of the financial product and it’s benefits, and the positive nature of the suggestions.

nce you submit your entry, we will download from the email the Word document and hold it until the scholarship end end date. We will not open it up at until then so as not to “early judge” on entry upon another.

At this point we will choose 5 finalists and we will post those entries to a page on this site and you can find a link to the entries listed on this page. If you do not see a link then the scholarship period is not over.

From that point, once the 5 finalist entries have been posted, we will put a link on our Facebook Page and allow people to read them and comment on what you wrote.

We will take into consideration the positive and negative feedback and “likes” from the Facebook community to guide our thoughts on the winner/s. We will discount all comments made by yourself on your article. You can find our Facebook page at Max Cash Facebook PageOn the day we make our final decision we will place a “winner” image next to the article or articles that we chose as the top scholarship and now the winner.All entries submitted are done so with full permission for us to publish the entry, winner or not, royalty free, on any media outlet we so choose including not not limited to this site and Facebook. We will also publish a press release if you win.

We will attempt to call you and email you but will do so for only 1 week. If we cannot get a response from you, we will disqualify your entry and choose another winner.

Typically the President of our company will make the phone call to you letting you know you won.

You will then need to send the school information to us so we can prepare the check.

We will then send you a release statement allowing us to use your image on our site and any other media without royalty.

If you are in the Phoenix area or the Chicago area, you will be asked to come by our location to get your check. If you are not, then we will send it to you by mail.

Once you receive your check, we would appreciate you having someone take a picture of you holding it up and smiling. Then send the picture back to us so we can show the world how great you are!

1) The post must be 750 words and no less. More is always welcome.

2) Statements made in the article were simply incorrect about car title loans.

3) Poor spelling or grammar.

4) Using content that you did not write.

5) Using words that are not “PG” rated. Vulgarity or using words that the average person would be offended by would instantly disqualify you.

6) Lack of creativity. We are looking for something worth reading, not just words.

We do not have any affiliation with any school. Every student who is senior year and has already enrolled in college OR if you are in college of any level will work.

We do not know the school until after the finalists have been chosen and it has no bearing on the winner to which school they attend.

If you feel that your prior entry was good but could use a little tweaking, feel free to resubmit.

. You may only enter once per period but you CAN use prior content. The last entry was 1500 words. This is 750 words so you could cut out things that you thought didn’t help you win.

First Thomas followed the rules exactly. He put time into the article, not just to add “fluff” content but real content that had real information.

His article was interesting to read. We wanted to read everything he wrote. His tips on making extra money was extremely creative and well thought out to span all the seasons of the year and not just right now.

He didn’t “talk down” about car title loans and gave a fair and educated approach to the reason why people get these loans. The piece flowed in thought and showed a great deal of talent.

What was clear was he understood finance and the need for this product. Although the other finalist did a great job with their presentation and gave emotional reasons to choose them, Thomas never wavered on quality standards.