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If you need emergency money but are currently employed, look no further than Max Cash Title Loans!2 5 It is not necessary for you to be employed in order to get a car title loan through Max Cash Title Loans, but it is necessary for you to be able to show us documentation that you have some form of reliable income. Your income could come from any number of sources, but your income must be consistent. Eligibility and the loan amount you receive upon approval is dependent on the lender, but Max Cash Title Loans could help you find one.5

Alternative Income Sources

Having an untraditional job is not necessarily an indicator that you will be turned away at the door when you want to get a car title loan. Max Cash Title Loans accepts a plethora of alternative forms of income in order to be able to help you financially when you need it the most.2 5 If you have any of the following forms of steady income, we may still be able to help you find a car title loan lender to work with.5

Under the Table Income

It is not all that uncommon to be in a situation where you are paid under the table. You might be working for an employer, but you are not kept on the books, and you are paid under the table by your employer in cash. When you want to get a car title loan through Max Cash Title Loans, you could still list this type of employment as your primary source of income. All we ask you to provide is a letter from your employer that confirms your employment. The letter will need to have the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. The date
  3. The amount of money you typically receive (weekly or bi-weekly)
  4. Services you provide
  5. A signature and a contact number for the employer

Worker’s Compensation

Some times accidents happen on the job. This tends to occur more often in many places where manual labor is done. When stuff like this happens, most places will usually provide the injured worker with worker’s compensation in order to help them deal with bills and expenses they incur while they are laid up and unable to work. Max Cash Title Loans will also accept worker’s compensation as a valid method of proving that a potential borrower has some form of steady income to repay a car title loan.

Social Security Benefits

Everyone eventually comes to that point where it is time to hang up the hat and retire. Retirement is the time when we get to finally relax and enjoy the fruits of our labors throughout our golden years. When this happens, most individuals will start collecting their Social Security benefits that they paid into while they were working. Seeing as this is a consistent source of income from the government, this form of income is deemed acceptable by Max Cash Title Loans. Any 401(k) and pension plans are also seen as a source of steady income when going to get a car title loan.

Severance Pay

Maybe things between your employer and yourself did not work out for some unfortunate reason and you got let go. As a result, you might get severance pay, which is a regularly paid out sum of money provided by your former employer meant to hold you over until you are able to secure a new job somewhere else. This is also an acceptable form of regular income for a car title loan inquiry through Max Cash Title Loans.


Some times people will put money into an annuity, which for those who do not know is a lump sum of money that eventually becomes a steady stream of income meant for a specific set amount of time. These are often used for retirement, but they could be used for other purposes as well. Annuity is another form of steady income that Max Cash Title Loans could accept as proof of income.


It is never a happy occasion to lose someone who was close to you. Some times though, they may leave you what money they had. This money could be received all in one lump sum or broken up into regularly scheduled payments. Documents showing inheritance would be more than sufficient when it comes to presenting Max Cash Title Loans with proof of regular income.

Settlement/Court-Ordered Award

Some times to avoid a drawn-out court proceeding, a company or individual might offer a monetary settlement to the plaintiff. If a settlement cannot be reached though, then the court will order that you get money awarded to you if the defendant is found to have committed a wrongdoing. The money won could be distributed to you in scheduled payments. Proof of settlement could be counted as a source of regular income.

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