Can I get another title loan lender to give me a loan if I already have a title loan with another lender?

Can I get another title loan lender to give me a loan if I already have a title loan with another lender?

Title LoanThis question is asked about 20 times a day and believe it or not, some title loan lenders actually compete for this business.

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So first the direct answer:

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It is going to depend on your state.

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In Illinois you won’t be able to do it legally. You CAN get more money on your loan if you meet certain requirements but generally no. In California you absolutely can. This is probably the hottest market for this.

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There are several reasons you may want to do this and this is the reasons why MOST people do it:

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1) You are behind on your current loan and you are worried about default. This way you can have the other loan paid off and start fresh.

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2) You are in a loan with a high interest rate and you found one like 800LoanMart which is the lowest game in town.  This is a very good move and can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

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3) Your current title loan company is being jerks even when you pay normally.You simply do not like them.

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4) You need more money or you need another loan.

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If you are already struggling with a title loan payment then why would you think that this will be any easier with switching companies? Makes no sense. Sure you can buy a month or two on payments but even with that you still will go back to payments you could not afford.

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When getting a title loan again, think of what went wrong with your last one. Payment was too high? negotiate lower on this one. Payment looks good but the interest rate is high? See if they will be able to lower the interest and payment as well.



The best way to think about a title loan is you are refinancing your car and at a higher rate than a bank. Before you do that, spend some time thinking about the reason why you are doing it and see if you can come up with a some of the money you need outside a title loan. Remember… this is just like “renting” the money. It has a daily rental rate called interest. The longer you have it out, the more you pay. If you went to a rental car company and all you needed was a compact car, would you rent a Lincoln Town Car just because you could? It’s hard when you talk cash for a title loan right? Truth is, the same rules apply!