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Title Loans Los Angeles - Why Choices are critical

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Title Loans Los Angeles – Why Choices are critical

May 31, 2017

Probably the most competitive market for car title loans in Los Angeles and if you live there you probably can see why. With so many cars, and with so much advertising on TV and the Radio, there is little wonder why people not only know of this type of loan but also are swayed constantly by the barrage of ads. So how do you choose?

Of course we are going to be a little biased here because we want you to call us and let you sort out your options but after working with the title loan lenders in California, we can see clear and distinct differences between them.

There are really only 3 massive lenders and a bunch of minor regional lenders. This is what set’s them apart:

  • Some will fight for your business using the interest rate as a weapon. It’s a pretty good weapon. Interest rates can vary and recently car title loan lenders have lowered their interest rates to “one-up” themselves from the other.


  • Some use technology to speed up the process of the loan and in a lot of cases will use information they can find to make exceptions on stipulations (documents you need to prove up your verbal statements of income, ect).


  • Some will push through a loan faster than others and we have seen from 1st call to funds in hand about an hour but in most cases by the next day.


  • Some will give you money on a low valued vehicle while others will not. How low? We have seen loans go out for more than the vehicle is worth.

So with all these being said who do you use for your car title loan in Los Angeles?  Most people will simply go by who calls them back first. Such a bad decision. When you do this, and you go down the path to get this loan the odds are you won’t want to waste your time with someone just calling even with a better rate. Once the process starts, most people resist even if it means a better interest rate. Strangely enough they don’t want to hurt the feelings of the very nice person they were talking with. THAT”S WHY WE SHOULD BE THE ONE TALKING FOR YOU!

We cannot stress this enough… know your options and don’t get trapped by a pretty voice or an aggressive loan officer. You could literally pay THOUSANDS of dollars more just so you don’t hurt the feelings of someone you probably will never hear from again.

Car title loans, especially in the Los Angeles area, is highly competitive. Give yourself some relief and don’t get pressured and give yourself time to think. Know your options without hurting someones feelings (by calling us) and once you made your decision, and only if you want to proceed, tell us your choice and we will work with you to get this done.

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