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When getting car title loans, most people think that credit scores and credit checks are an essential part of the approval process. This is because when people try to get traditional installment loans, such as a bank loan or a loan with another traditional financial institution, it is most often difficult to get approved if you have poor or no credit. However, this isn’t the case with title loans!

When it comes to getting approved for an online title loan, credit doesn’t really matter! In fact, there are car title loan lenders who can approve borrowers for title loans with no credit check.2 Max Cash Title Loans works with an extended network of lenders capable of meeting the financial needs of people from all kinds of economic backgrounds, so if you have bad credit or even no credit, it is still very possible to get approved for a title loan!

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Does my Credit Score Matter for Title Loan Approval?

Not really! For title loans, approval is based mostly on the value of your vehicle and the ability to repay the loan, not just your credit history. Some lenders in the Max Cash Title Loans network don’t even pull a credit report at all!

Most title lenders consider credit rating as a non-important factor when it comes to approval. Even if you have past bankruptcy, the lenders who work with Max Cash Title Loans won’t hold that against you when you inquire about a title loan. The only thing lenders need to confirm is that potential borrowers are not currently going through the bankruptcy process.

At Max Cash Title Loans, we pride ourselves on the quality of the lenders we work with. We don’t work with lenders who make their borrowers jump through hoops and meet a long list of requirements just to get approval. Max Cash Title Loans only works with top-notch lenders whose primary focus is getting people the money they need, when they need it. That means not wasting time verifying every single piece of information given on a loan application, and instead trusting borrower’s information so they can get their money as fast as possible.

How do I Get a Title Loan with No Credit Check?

Getting fast cash without a credit check is simple, especially when you work with the experts at Max Cash Title Loans. In just 3 simple steps, you could receive the emergency funding you need! Here’s how:

1. Inquire – Fill out the brief Max Cash Title Loans inquiry form with a few pieces of information.

2. Get Approved!1 – Upon approval, your loan representative will be in contact with you to discuss details such as your loan amount, loan terms, interest rates, and any other aspects of your loan you would like clarified.

3. Get your Money!– After you have been approved and have sent in your documents, it is time to sign your contract and receive your money! Get your money via direct deposit, wire transfer, check in the mail, or by going to any MoneyGram near you. No bank account required!

What are the Requirements to Get a Title Loan with No Credit Check?

Requirements for getting through the auto title loan process are quite simple. After beginning the inquiry process, your direct lender will most likely ask for a few basic documents.

  • Vehicle Title and/or registration (note: the name of the borrower must be on the car title)
  • License plate information
  • A piece of mail with your address on it in order to act as proof of residency
  • 4 references
  • Government-issued photo id (like a driver’s license, or a state id card)
  • A few photos of the vehicle (this is so the lender does not have to perform an in-person vehicle inspection)

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Your title lender may ask for other documentation for simple verification purposes, but your lender will disclose that information to you at the beginning of your title loan process.

Other forms of unsecured loans like payday loans can come with unreasonable requirements like paying back the entirety of the loan within a short amount of time. These kinds of circumstances can make it difficult for the borrower to pay back their loan on time, which can lead to unfortunate situations like a sharp decrease in credit rating, or the accumulation of unreasonable credit card debt.

But the convenient online title loans found through Max Cash Title Loans won’t do that to you. In fact, there is actually a chance that paying off your title loan regularly and on time can have a positive impact on credit over time! All you have to do is stay on top of your monthly payments. To see this happen with your credit, check your credit score once a month with any accredited credit bureau as you pay off your auto title loan.

Do I Need a Job to Get a Car Title Loan?

No job? No problem!  For auto title loans, the most important aspect in the approval process is the vehicle equity. Sometimes, lenders are willing to grant title loans to borrowers who have equity in their vehicles without ever really looking into the borrower’s income. That means that even if someone doesn’t have a job, there is still a good chance of title loan approval!

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During the application process, the title loan lender will usually ask for employment information. However, not all lenders will confirm the information and pry into your personal matters. The lenders that work with Max Cash Title Loans were chosen because they put the borrower first. This means that lenders in our network don’t have to call an employer and ask a laundry list of personal questions after you apply. Max Cash Title Loans knows that auto title loans are meant to be a fast, secured, short-term loans available to those who are looking for immediate emergency funding, so we do our best to make sure you get your money upon approval as soon as possible.1 2

Choose Max Cash Title Loans to Find you a Title Loan with No Credit Check!

If you are looking for quick cash, and don’t want to deal with going through a credit check, try Max Cash Title Loans! When you go with Max Cash Title Loans you can look forward to:

  • Fast Approval
  • No Credit Checks Required
  • Convenient Monthly Loan Payments
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • Superior Customer Service

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Call or even Text Max Cash Title Loans directly at 855-561-5626 or go online and fill out a short form to get started! The sooner you begin your application the sooner you can get your money!1 2