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A title loan involves putting down a car’s title as collateral in exchange for a loan. Cars can come in all sorts of variety, everything from the make, to the year the car was manufactured. If someone is looking to get a title loan they are probably wondering what type of car can be used for it. In addition there are probably other questions regarding the car and the role it plays in determining eligibility for a title loan.

How Much Discretion Does the Lender Get With Cars?

The lenders for car title loans, ultimately get to decide whether they will accept a vehicle for a car title loan. In addition to choice, there are some rules/laws or regulations loan lenders must follow in accordance to the state they service. There are some states that simply do not allow for car title loans. The states that DO allow title loans must follow the guidelines given to them. Because of all these rules and exceptions it may be best to look at several lenders when looking at a car title loan.

What kind of Vehicles May Be Used for a Title Loan?

For title loans there a many kinds of cars or vehicles that could be used1, these include but may not be limited to:

  • Minivan
  • Truck
  • Motorcycle
  • Scooter
  • Classic Car

Most lenders will accept the type of vehicles above. There are a few key things to remember about the vehicle, in order to possibly qualify for a title loan.

  1. No matter what kind of vehicle a person has, the vehicle must be in safe, working condition
  2. There are some rules for moving from state to state. Usually cars registered to one state, cannot be used as collateral in another state.

What if My Car is Really Old?

If the borrower is trying to get a tile loan on an old car (as long as the vehicle is in safe, working condition). It may not impact their eligibility. Keep in mind there are lenders out there that will set a range for the age of the cars/vehicles that they will accept.  So, again it may be best to look around to several lenders when looking to get a title loan. The age of a car can be a factor in determining its value. Along with a few other things:

  • The Make
  • The Model
  • The Mileage
  • The Condition

After the lender gets all of this information they will then go to places like Kelley Blue Book, or Black Book to figure out the value of your vehicle. It may be helpful to do some research on the value, along with familiarizing yourself with title loans before going to a lender.

How Do Lenders Determine Condition of a Car?

To figure out the condition of a vehicle lenders might look at a couple things on a vehicle:

  • The Exterior of The Vehicle – Any dents, scratches or weather related damage such as rust
  • The Interior of The Vehicle – The upholstery of the vehicle, if there are any rips and/or holes, or staining
  • The Overall Performance – If the vehicle’s engine is working like it should and the car is running well

Ways That Lenders Will Ask To Check for Condition?

  • They may ask that to bring the vehicle to them in person to be looked at
  • They may ask that for several pictures of the vehicle (inside and out, they will give specifics)
  • Some may not ask to see the vehicle at all (Although this is a rare occurrence)

What if I Have More Than One Car?

Some people may find that they have more than one vehicle, and may be curious as to how many cars they can use for a car title loan or which car they should use to get the most out of their title loan. Title loans can only be given out one at a time which means that a borrower has to choose which car they want to use. The values of the cars owned cannot be combined to form one value for a title loan. If the vehicles that a person has are all pretty similar it may be difficult to figure out which one has the most value. The best way to go about this is to let the lender know about the other vehicles. Once the lender has all the information, then they can figure out what the value comes to for them. Different lenders may have different values for vehicles.

Why Use Max Cash Title Loans for Title Loans?

No matter what kind of vehicle you may have Max Cash Title Loans has several trusted lenders5. This may give a borrower an advantage especially if they are not too sure what lender will accept their car. At Max Cash Title Loans, we can do the searching for you1. We are a free service that helps people all over the country connect with possible lenders5.

Looking for a car title loan can be a process, getting a vehicle qualified for a title is another process that happens within a title loan. If a person hasn’t worked with a title loan before they may not be sure how a vehicle is accepted for a title loan. The lender will ask for some specific information about the vehicle and then come up with a value for it. If the borrower has more than vehicle it may be helpful to let the lender know of this information. When looking for a title loan it is very important to look at several lenders, as you may get more from others. This is where the services of Max Cash Title Loans come in to help you connect with our lenders all over the United States5.