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One of the things you need when you are trying to get a car title loan is, well, your car’s title. But what if, for some reason, you have a missing title?

The one thing to know is that you cannot get any title loans without it. A missing title could spell trouble, especially if you need fast cash. Not to worry though! We at Max Cash Title Loans are happy to help and want to help you find or retrieve your missing title depending on the following situations.

What should I do if I have a missing title?

There are of course several ways you could have a missing title that is stopping you from getting a car title loan. We at Max Cash Title Loans will help solve these missing title situations:

  • Missing title that is misplaced or damaged.
  • Missing title because another lender has your title.
  • Missing title because of name misspelling or requires name update.
  • Missing title because someone else (not a lender) has your car title.

Starting with the first scenario, if you are just missing a title because it is either been torn up to bits or lost forever, you may get it replaced. How? We recommend that you go online or visit your local DMV to order a replacement. Depending on your state, expect different rules and policies when you attempt to get a title replacement.

But in some cases, lenders may offer their help to get you a copy of your title if you plan on getting a car title loan with them. However, it’s recommended that you find out how they plan to help you get a copy of your missing title.

If you have a missing title because another lender has your title, then there’s that not much to worry about because you may still get a car title loan from someone else. If you still have a few payments on your current car title loan, a lender (or a financial servicer like Max Cash Title Loans) could potentially help you refinance that car title loan to help you get those payments done faster and get another car title loan sooner1.

Missing title because of name misspelling or a name update could be a minor mark that could stop you from having a proper car title loan. If you think your name for your title might need to be corrected before you can get a car title loan, be sure to investigate that process, as it may be different for each state. You can also feel free to call Max Cash Title Loans, we’d love to answer any of your questions if it means helping to get a car title loan for you!

One thing to keep in mind is that if your name is hyphenated or contains multiple words, many states will show it as one word on your title. This is not considered an error and will not require a name change or update for your title!

However, another instance is when you change your name after marriage or divorce. If this is the case, and the name on your title is misspelled, you may have to update the name and change the car’s title before you may attempt to get a car title loan.

Missing title because someone else (not a lender) has your car title is another case that could be easy to rectify and it is possible to help you get your missing title to get that car title loan you need.

But before we can help, there’s one thing to remember: You may qualify for a car title loan, even if there are multiple names under your car title. If you are noted as the legal owner, you can still submit the title for a car title loan.

However, there are a few things you should get checked to ensure that it is in fact your title. If you can, be sure to ask the other person whose name falls under that car title to look at what the title entails:

  • If you see that your name on the title has an “or” between your name and another person’s name, you are still good to apply for a car title loan.
  • Depending on your state, if you see your name and it has “and/or” between your name and the other person’s name, you are more than likely to be able to apply for a car title loan.
  • When you see that your name has “and” between your name and the other person’s name, the other person also legally owns the vehicle and you both need to apply together to get a car title loan.

If any of the following solutions does not help you retrieve your missing title, then contact us about your missing title situation and will see how we can use our knowledge on titles and car title loans to help you get that missing title back.

But once you have your missing title, you can finally go for that car title loan you’ve been looking for. But where to start? A good car title loan could be hard to come by, especially if you are not well-equipped or do not understand the intricacies of what makes a car title loan work.

Luckily, we at Max Cash Title Loans would be happy to help.

Max Cash Title Loans wants to help you use your title for a car title loan!

Max Cash Title Loans has years of experience with a car title loan, and we consider ourselves an aid that may help you find what you might be looking for in terms of a car title loan that works for you1.

If you are looking for a car title loan after retrieving your missing title, we’d be happy to help you again with our process that aids us in finding the right lender that might be right for you.