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With the help of the bad credit lender Title Loans Clearfield UT you could come into that extra cash you need. Get thousands today! Right here you have the option of using your car as equity to get a loan. With our loans you will use the value of your vehicle to take out some extra cash. What we will do is loan you and just hold onto your title until the loan is repaid. Once you pay us back we will give you the title back.

Instead of trying to find our office, we do everything online and ONLY when you come get the money do you drop by the office. Everything is done online and a signing location near you will handle the rest.

This is a better option than a title pawn because we don’t take your car. This way you still get to keep your car for all your daily driving needs. So right here you can get thousands of dollars and keep your car, just like Samantha from Clearfield who used us a for her own title loan.

“When I had to get some money for my personal bills, Title Loans Clearfield UT got me enough cash to get through a home sale. I am a real estate agent and had to sweat out the sale of a recent home I had listed until I got my commission. During that time however, I still had some bills to pay and thanks to the title loan I was able to get $6,000, still keep my car and when I got the commission from the sale I was able to pay the title loan right back.”

If you are interested in our loan the first step is to fill out the free no commitment application. Once you submit the application you will immediately know if your vehicle has been pre-approved. Minutes later we will call you on the phone with your loan estimate. This is one of the best options in Utah for a bad credit loan, so take advantage of what Title Loans Clearfield UT has to offer you!

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