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When it comes to emergency loans, Title Loans Holladay UT has your back! We know that you have an urgent need for money, you do not have much time to waste and you need a source of cash. Our title loans are made for you and are based on how much your car is worth.

  • We can help you find out how much your title loan will be worth but you have to fill out the application first.
  • We will send you a free quote on how much your title loan will be worth, and you can then decide whether or not a title loan from us is right for you.

See we can help you even though other financial institutions in Utah might not because Title Loans Holladay UT just holds your car title and put our corporate name on the title. We become the official lien holder, but that is only temporary until you pay the loan and the interest back to us.

You will still be able to keep driving your car while you have the money, and you can use the money for anything. Title Loans Holladay UT does not mind if you need rent money, if you need tuition money or even if you need money for your business to keep afloat until your clients pay your bills like Mike who is a lawyer in Holladay who had to keep his books in line even when his clients weren’t paying.

“It gets tough chasing down clients who don’t pay my fees, but a few months ago I had an especially rough time. I had some supplies to order and I had to pay my paralegals and secretaries. I just didn’t have the cash available…not until I got paid by my clients. Instead of worrying with banks taking so long, I used Title Loans Holladay UT because they would get me cash in about a day. I used the title loan from my car to get the supplies and payroll in order. Once my clients finally got my bills paid off, I had the title loan paid back in just about two months so it’s not like the interest crippled me or anything. It was just a great way to get some fast money to keep everyone at my office happy.”

The people of Holladay deserve a company that will care about them when they need money badly. Sometimes emergencies happen out of nowhere and can strike when you least expect them to. This is why we can get you money typically in just one day and our application takes just a few minutes to complete. We know you need money fast and you need a reliable source of that money. Title Loans Holladay UT is here for you when you need us most.

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