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Are you a blue collar worker and/or a skilled craftsman and need a little extra help? Max Cash Title Loans has come to the rescue with a VIP Program that kicks ass. Yes, I said KICKS ASS and all the competition is probably going to just reel over this. I feel like Willy Wonka must have felt over that slime-ball Slugworth!


Our Program is called “BLUE COLLAR DOLLARS”  and it is the unique VIP program for title loans ever created. This you will agree. Here is why:


NO application to fill out online!!!! That’s right. You call a special number 855-561-5626 and a rep will answer. You will BYPASS all the other callers and be connected with a Blue Collar Dollar Application Agent. This agent is trained to take your information over the phone and set up your online account. Then you can use your smart phone to take pictures of what we need so no screwing around with faxing things in. But wait… there’s more…

Once we get some basic info, you and our office will hang up and we will call the lenders for you. We will find a lender who can help you and when we do, pass the info to them personally. BUT THERE IS MORE!…

Before we hang up with you we will give you our backline number for you to call if you don’t get a callback in 30 minutes or less. This backline number will connect you with a supervisor or manager or owner…. someone who is more than just an agent. Someone who can handle your situation immediately without any hassles and with absolute focus.

At that point you are now being “white glove” treated because you are now one of the bosses clients. Told you this program kicks ass!


YOU HAVE TO BE A BLUE COLLAR WORKER! This is like these types of jobs:

Construction and building inspectors receive their training on the job, but they must learn building codes and standards on their own.  Experienced inspectors can teach them the most about techniques, regulations and record-keeping and reporting duties.
Average pay: $43,670/year*

Plumbers, pipefitters and steamfitters install, maintain and repair many types of pipe systems from those in municipal water treatment plants to residential, commercial and public buildings. They generally learn the trade through comprehensive training programs.
Pay: $23.86/hour (about $49,628/year)

Structual iron and steel workers usually participate in a three- or four-year apprenticeship to learn the skills necessary to place and install iron or steel construction materials that form structures such as buildings and bridges.
Pay: $20.40/hour (about $42,432/year)

Electricians learn their trade through apprenticeship programs that combine on-the-job training and related classroom instruction.  Manual dexterity, eye-hand coordination, physical fitness and a good sense of balance are essential to excelling at this trade.
Pay: $20.33/hour (about $42,286/year)

Elevator installers train for their jobs through apprenticeships that can last up to four years, and then apply through a local affiliate of the International Union of Elevator Constructors, which requires the successful completion of an aptitude test.
Pay: $28.23/hour (about $58,718/year)

Police officers and Fireman often train for 12 to 14 weeks at the state and local levels and then go through a probationary period ranging from six months to three years.  Through experience and demonstrated skill, they can work their way up to corporal, sergeant, lieutenant and captain.
Pay: $45,210/year

Subway or streetcar operators most often start off as yard laborers before they begin training.  In addition to needing physical stamina, manual dexterity and mechanical aptitude, these workers need to pass a physical exam, drug screening and criminal background check.
Pay: $23.70/hour (about $49,296/year)

Commercial and industrial equipment electrical and electronics repairers need knowledge of electrical equipment and electronics to make necessary repairs when equipment breaks down.  They can train through a one- to two-year community college or vocational school programs or on-the-job training.
Pay: $20.48/hour (about $42,598/year)

Aircraft and avionics mechanics specialize in preventive maintenance, inspecting aircraft engines, landing gear and other aircraft parts.  Professionals must have 18 months of work experience to obtain certification or complete a Federal Aviation Administration-certified program before they can work.
Pay: $21.77/hour (about $45,281/year)

Plastic machine setters set up and tend machines that transform plastic compounds into consumer goods from toys to auto parts. These professionals learn their skills on the job, sometimes participating in formal training programs.
Pay: $21.28 (about $44,262/year)


… and more… I think you get it! If you get your hands dirty for a living then this is for you.