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Have you ever used a car title loan to cover an unexpected expense? Were you initially happy with the terms, but then your situation changed and making your payments a little overwhelming? If so, there are ways you can refinance your loan and obtain things like a lower interest rate1. If the thought of reducing your monthly payments appeals to you, Max Cash Title Loans can guide you through the process and help you refinance your loan with terms that better fit your situation2.

How do I Refinance my Car Title Loan?

The process for refinancing your car title loan is similar to the process for getting your loan initially. You’ll need to speak with your lender and request a refinance. If accepted, your lender may change the terms of your loan and give you a lower monthly payment1. There may be fees associated with the transfer. But you should be benefiting from a lowered interest rate, and a lower monthly payment4.

What do I Need to Refinance a Car Title Loan?

If you want to refinance your car title loan, you’ll need many of the same things you’d need for the initial car title loan:

  • Qualifying Car Title in your name
  • Proof of Residence (Certain pieces of mail)
  • Photos of your car (front, back, and sides)
  • Proof of Income
  • Government-Issued I.D. (Driver’s License, State I.D., Passport, etc.)

What Can I Use to Show Proof of Income for a Car Title Loan Refinance?

You can use many of the same things to show you can pay for your refinanced loan as you did for the original loan. Many people use a recent pay stub. But you can use things like:

  • Social Security
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Settlement
  • Alimony
  • Child Support
  • Disability

How do Lenders Decide if They Will Refinance my Car Title Loan?

Lenders use a similar process to determine if you are eligible for refinance to the one they use for your first loan. A few different things contribute to the size of the loan you can refinance:

  • Value of your car
  • Your monthly income
  • Length of the loan

The value of your car determines the absolute maximum size of the loan you can refinance. Lenders will use the condition, age, and mileage of your car to determine its worth. Your monthly income is used to calculate how much you can afford to repay each month. And the length of the loan determines the size of your monthly payments. State law may limit the duration of your car title loan, which can impact the length and payment size.

Do Car Title Loan Refinances Have Hidden Fees?

If you refinance your loan with a reputable lender, they shouldn’t include hidden fees in their loan terms. They will be easy to understand and the lender will be happy to explain any sections that you don’t understand. This means there shouldn’t be any balloon payments, large payments at the end of the life of the loan. Nor should there be prepayment penalties; you won’t be punished for paying your loan back early3.

What Happens if I Can’t Pay my Refinanced Car Title Loan Back?

If you’re struggling to cover your monthly loan payment, you should contact your lender immediately. Borrowers that go into default may have their cars repossessed. The exact process varies from state to state, but generally looks something like the following.

Once a borrower misses enough payments to go into default, their lender may be required to send them a right to cure notice. This notifies the borrower that they have a grace period during which they can pay the balance of the loan. Once any grace period runs out, the lender can begin trying to repossess the borrower’s car. Once the car has been repossessed, the lender typically auctions it off. The proceeds then go towards paying the balance of the loan. Depending on the state, the lender may be able to continue seeking compensation from the borrower if the sale of the car doesn’t cover the balance of the loan. Or, if there is a surplus, they may be required to return it to the borrower. In other states, the lender keeps the proceeds from the auction and the borrower is no longer responsible for the loan.

Is There Any Way I Can Extend the Length of my Refinanced Car Title Loan?

It may be possible to extend the length of your refinanced car title loan, just like you can sometimes extend your initial loan. The exact conditions will depend on the state and the lender. If they are able, lenders normally allow borrowers to roll their loans over by providing them with a new car title loan that covers the balance of your original. While there may be some fees associated with this, borrowers can take advantage of the lower loan rate from their refinanced loan and the extended time they have to pay back their loan.

How Do I Change the Lienholder on my Car for my Refinanced Car Title Loan?

As refinancing normally takes place with the same lender of your original loan, you won’t need to do anything with your car title if you go with the same lender. If for some reason you are changing lenders, the title transfer will happen between them and you won’t need to be involved.

Your financial situation can change in an instant. Max Cash Title Loans understands this and knows that even if you plan, things can still go awry. You may be able to refinance your car title loan and lower your interest rate1. This can help you get your monthly payments under control and achieve the peace of mind you expect from your car title loan.