Where to Repair Your Car if You Don’t Have a Garage

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Repairing your car yourself could mean tons of savings overtime! But if you live in an apartment complex or condo you may be asking yourself where to repair your car if you don’t have a garage. 

Having a functioning vehicle is important! Not only can it be an important part of your daily life, but it can help you when you need emergency cash through a title loan! If you need space to fix your vehicle, the good news is that there are a few places you could go in order to repair your vehicle!

Turning to Family or Friends When You Need Room to Repair Your Car 

One option to consider when repairing your car without a garage is asking a friend or family member who has the garage space, to use theirs. By doing so, you can avoid breaking any potential rules or regulations. When asking, make sure to give them a rough timeline of the repair, and make sure they have the space they need for their own vehicle. 

An Auto Parts Store Parking Lot to Repair Your Car if You Don’t Have a Garage

Auto parts stores such as auto zone, advanced auto parts, or other local stores may allow you to use their parking lots for your car repair. Give them a call or visit them in person to ask for permission before doing so. 

Self Service Auto Shops When You Have No Garage

Self-service auto shops let people use their space for a fee, in order to make repairs. Although this option may not be as common as the others, depending on your location, this may be an option.

Auto Mechanic Schools for Car Repair 

Many auto mechanic schools offer garage/repair space for practicing students. Even if you aren’t a student, with the right permissions you may be able to use the space for your repair, much like an enrolled student in the school can. 

Common Auto Repairs That Can Be Done on Your Own, and Repairs that Should be Left to the Experts! 

There are a few repairs that most people can do themselves, while others can be dangerous and extremely complicated without training and should be left to the experts. Here are a few vehicle repairs/ car maintenance that the average person can take on themselves:

  • Oil changes 
  • Tire replacement 
  • Headlight and brake light replacement 
  • Windshield wiper replacement 
  • Alternator repairs 
  • Refilling transmission fluids / coolant / anti-freeze 
  • minor body paint chips or sent from a minor fender bender.
  • Minor radiator repairs 

Repairs that should be left to the experts:

  • Major engine part repairs or replacements 
  • Electrical issues 
  • Timing belt replacements
  • Airbag repairs 
  • Brake issues 

What Tools to Have When Doing a DIY Repair On Your Car if You Don’t Have a Garage? 

When trying to fix your car yourself, there will be a few basic tools to have in your toolbox: 

  • Car Jack Stands / Car Jack Lifts — this can help you safely lift your vehicle to provide easy access for repairs. 
  • Socket set.
  • Pliers and a Wirecutter— necessary for electrical repairs
  • Basic screwdriver set.
  • Torque Wrench —use a clicker-type torque wrench to tighten nuts to the proper specifications.
  • Wrenches— a wrench is an invaluable addition to your mechanical toolbox.
  • Screwdrivers—these are just as useful in your garage as it is in your house.
  • Dead Blow Mallet—a dead blow mallet can help remove stuck bolts.
  • Work Light—a work light can be extremely helpful when working on a vehicle. The lights that strap to your head work well when you need both hands for your repair. 
  • Latex Gloves —Latex or non-latex gloves are preferable to regular work gloves because they are oil and waterproof, along with that they are disposable.
  • Zip Ties—Zip ties are great for organizing and bundling cables and wires. 
  • Impact Wrench—these can make work removing lug nuts much faster.
  • Lubricants and Cleaners—this can help if you see any parts that can use cleaning or lubricating.
  • Drip Pan— a Drip pan can catch any oil or fluids that may spill from your vehicle. Add desiccant or cat litter for spills missed by the drip pan. 
  • Replacement Parts —whatever you are replacing make sure you have the new parts ready to be installed. 
  • Duct Tape & Electrical Tape
  • Service Manual of Your Vehicle—the service manual of your vehicle has all the specifications for your make and model. It can show you simple repairs, and let you know where specific parts are on your vehicle. If you have misplaced your service manual you should be able to find it online. 

Taking care of vehicle repairs and car maintenance yourself can save you tons of money. When you don’t have a garage yourself, there are alternatives out there that may work for the space that you need. When taking on the repairs yourself, stick to the simple car repairs unless you have the know-how. For larger more complicated car repair, go to an expert. 

Having a functioning car can mean getting to your job, and everyday transportation, and could help you emergency cash through a title loan! So, make sure your car is in safe working condition.