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Max Cash Title Loans in California

Looking for a title loan in California to help you through your financial emergency?  We work with the best lenders to help you through these problems.  From the North Coast to the San Francisco Bay Area, through Los Angeles and SO Cal, down to San Diego, Max Cash will help provide you with title loans in California if you are approved.

Title Loans in CaliforniaCalifornia is one of our biggest states for title loans and we have come prepared to serve the special needs of the West Coast!

We have on board ALL the biggest lenders in California. This means working with us, which THEY pay for (you don’t), means you get to shop all of them with one call. Have a title loan with one of them and want to get it refinanced through another? Yes, we can do that. Have an older car and want a title loan on it? We do that all day long. Want to sign your agreement by DocuSign and go to a local MoneyGram and get your money and send in your pictures of what the lender wants using your cell phone? That’s what we do. Simply stated, we do it all and we do it fast.

So get ready, set GO! 855-561-5626

How to Get Started on a Title Loan in California

Getting started is a pretty simple process.  As long as you have a paid off car and a way to payback the loan, fill out the webform to see if we can help.

  • Start with our short no-obligation form for Title Loans in California.  You can also begin by calling our financial experts at 855-561-5626 (LOAN), or through our live chat feature!  Just click the button below the form. If you want, you can even TEXT from your phone the 855-561-5626 number and we will get your text and answer you back with a text!


  • Receive a call from one of our loan processors momentarily.  They will discuss with you an approved amount, loan duration, interest rate and our flexible repayment plans.  Payments made on your title loans through our network are amortized meaning you pay on the principal balance and interest balance at the same time!


  • Pick up your check at one of our convenient signing locations OR the lender will wire it into your account or even go to a nearby MoneyGram store. Our lenders have different options and ways to make this happen quickly.  We’ll navigate you to a location that’s nearest to you, and you’re check will be ready for your arrival!


Fill out the form today with Max Cash Title Loans for a title loan in California and we’ll work with you and our network of lenders to make sure you get the best loan we can find.  You’ll keep your car, get your check and work with a great lender for title loans in California!

All our title loans in California services are processed by TMG Loan Processing

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